Strategies To Prevent Smoking Relapse

It is quite common to read about people starting up smoking again having managed to successfully quit. Here are some detailed strategies to prevent smoking relapse.

Smoking relapse – why people start smoking again

Most people that have quit smoking in the early stages are at risk of smoking relapse and starting up smoking again. It feels like the nicotine addiction will be with us forever and it tends to grab you when you least expect it.

Some will argue that’s not how it works and that it doesn’t happen like that. Everyone is different and will have a different reason for starting to smoke again.

It can be because they never got over their addiction or just social pressure because of the people we hang around with.

Change the way you think about smoking

Strategies to prevent smoking relapse

Don’t look at quitting as something you are giving up or sacrifice. If you do that you will always set yourself up for failure.

Don’t think you are giving something up that is good, you may be able to stop for a few months or even years.

If you believe this you are likely to relapse when it comes to stressful situations. You need to spend some time thinking about how you think about quitting and breaking the addiction.

Surround this with the positives and avoid the struggle to keep it that way.

How to stop smoking for good

I cannot emphasise this enough, take the time to read about why smoking is bad for your health, everyone knows it and everyone tells themselves that they will quit by a certain age.

We know smoking causes lung cancer but we somehow convince ourselves it will happen to somebody else but not us. There are many ways to convince yourself of this, but eventually, health takes a bad turn and we have to decide that its time to quit before its too late.

  1. Learn as much as you can about the real health risks and the dangers you are putting yourself through.
  2. Education is probably the most important aspect of quitting as it helps reinforce the reasons for breaking the addiction.
  3. Be prepared to talk to yourself and fix your mentality.

Change your mindset

Quitting smoking doesn’t happen by accident, it takes focus and some dedication, just as it took time and effort to build any other good habit, it takes the same time to break old and bad habits. You need to have strategies to prevent smoking relapse.

If you have convinced yourself that smoking somehow made life more fun, helped you relax or cope with stress, you need to start to remind yourself how it was slowly killing you.

Nicotine addiction doesn’t help you to relax or reduce stress, it actually caused the problem in the first place.

Products to help you quit for good

Fortunately, smoking relapse can often be prevented. Effective products are available to help cope with withdrawal, cravings and triggers.

About 4% – 7% of people who try to quit smoking with willpower alone are successful each time they try. according to the American Cancer Society.

Nicotine replacement or another quit-smoking medication, however about one in four are able to quit smoking and stay cigarette free for at least six months.

Add counseling in person or an smoking cessation program, and your odds of success increase.

Here are some stop smoking treatments available

Nicotine replacement. These products give you some nicotine – in the form of gum, lozenges, skin patches, sprays (all available from Amazon, click the links to get the latest price) – without the hundreds of other toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke.

They reduce physical withdrawal symptoms while you focus on the mental side of quitting. You can then concentrate on reducing the nicotine slowly.

Products do come in a variety of strengths, depending on how long and how often you have been smoking. You may want to try the stronger products first and then reduce to the lower dosages.

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