Quit Smoking Products That Work Very Well

Most people struggle to quit smoking using willpower alone. These are quit smoking products that work and help manage nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Evidence suggests most people that using stop smoking aids have a better chance of quitting smoking for good. Here is a list of the most effective stop smoking aids.

NicoDerm CQ Patches (click here to get the latest price)

NicoDerm quit smoking product


  • Releases nicotine directly into the bloodstream through the skin
  • Easily worn and discrete


  • Can cause some users skin irritation
  • Can disturb sleep if 24-hour patches are used

Nicorette Lozenges (click here to get the latest price)

Nicorette quit smoking product


  • Quick bursts of nicotine that satisfy cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Last for up to 30 mins in your mouth


  • Some people don’t like the taste
  • Avoid if you have cuts or mouth ulcers

Freedom Quit Smoking (click here to get the latest price)

Freedom Quit quit smoking product


  • Works very quickly compared to gum and lozenges
  • Can be used every time you feel strong cravings for cigarettes
  • All natural ingredients


  • Not discreet when being used

The Kerry Gaynor Method (click here to get the latest price)

Kerry Gaynor Method quit smoking product


  • Combination of therapy and hypnosis works for many people that have now completely stopped smoking
  • Use in the privacy of your own home
  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose


  • You must be ready to quit before trying to use this product

Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Quit Smoking (click here to get the latest price)


  • A bestseller that has outsold all other quit smoking books combined
  • Many people claim to have quit by the end of the book


  • Must be at the stage where you are ready to quit, there are no gimmicks or tricks here

Pure Hemp oil from Amazon (Click here for the current price).


  • Calming and relaxing properties of the two cannabinoids (THC and CBD) that help many people get relief from nicotine withdrawal.
  • Strong evidence that CBD can help break the nicotine addiction 


  • CBD oil may interact with several medications, including some types of anti-epileptic drugs.

Need more info?

I have written about these quit smoking products that work to help you quit smoking products in a little more detail, you can read about each by clicking the following links.

NicoDerm CQ Patches

Nicorette Lozenges

Freedom Quit Smoking

The Kerry Gaynor Method

Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Quit Smoking

Pure Hemp oil

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