NicoDerm CQ Review

Nicoderm CQ is a product that I can recommend if you have been smoking for a long time like I had and really needed to quit. This is the product to try, your cravings should be gone after around 2 weeks, you shouldn’t gain any weight.

NicoDerm CQ

I got my NicoDerm CQ from Amazon (click here to check the current price).

The company that makes Nicoderm GSK came up with the idea, and have been making them for over 20 years.

The patches provide a steady flow of Nicotine, unlike some patches which deliver it in a large rush, or the opposite where they take too long.

Its cost effective and a single packet should last you up to 2 weeks,

They can cause skin rashes, so if you have skin allergies its best not to use them if that’s you. It’s recommended to place them in different areas each time they are used.

Its recommended to stop using NicoDerm after 10 weeks, the longer you have been smoking the longer you’re likely to need them, but usually, the cravings have gone in that time, you feel much better and they are well worth getting.

(Click here to check the current price).

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