Hypnosis For Quitting Smoking

If you are a smoker that has tried other methods such as nicotine replacement therapy. Or do you have a friend who has successfully quit smoking using this method and are now wanting to know more about hypnosis for quitting smoking.

It is becoming an increasingly popular method that many are trying which is helping many become ex-smokers.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis to help quit smoking

Hypnosis is known as an altered state of awareness which you can be in a relaxed state or asleep.

It can be used to control a range of conditions, both physical and psychological, including weight issues, pain and smoking.

Some people say that it is nothing more than a gimmick. But others have undergone hypnosis and never wanted to smoke again after that.

The procedure puts you into a relaxed state and allows you to concentrate fully. It puts you into the mode of listening to suggestion, such as giving up smoking.

You are not totally asleep during hypnosis, more like in a daze or trance. You are still aware of what is going on around you, it is not performed the way you may have seen on stage.

How can hypnosis be used to help?

Certain stressors cause cigarette cravings, the mind is already associated with certain things that cause you to respond. You do this by grabbing the cigarettes when you feel stress, the stress then causes thoughts of wanting stress relief. Done repeatedly your brain associates stress relief with smoking.

During hypnosis, you are asked to imagine unpleasant outcomes from smoking. As an example smoke from a cigarette smells like a very strong smell or that smoking will leave your mouth tasting dry and sticky.

Hypnosis is also known to amplify certain desires – such as the desire to quit smoking. Often you are asked to concentrate on the future of not being a smoker.

The process can usually take up to several sessions. The first few sessions are used to embed the idea that smoking is harmful.

Over time, the suggestions will become stronger. This is because the session will become more forceful in driving home the idea that smoking is bad.

It will plant the idea that smoking is not something that you want to do. Also because the hypnosis will begin to work on the brain and change its automatic thoughts.

New associations will be formed, and soon the mind will begin to accept the new ideas. And start to see smoking as a negative habit that you no longer have any interest in, regardless of past conceptions.

How to Find a Hypnotherapist

If you want to try hypnosis to help you quit smoking, ask your health care provider for a recommendation on a good hypnotherapist.

Some tips when looking for a hypnotherapist:

  • Make sure they are licensed and have the relevant credentialed. Hypnosis should only be done by someone who has a current license in a healthcare profession, such as medicine, psychiatry, psychology.
  • Ask some tough questions. Ask about their training. The American Society for Clinical Hypnosis also suggests asking if the professional can help without the use of hypnosis. If the answer is no, you should look elsewhere.
  • Beware of overinflated claims and guarantees. Hypnosis does not work for everyone.

How effective is hypnosis?

Statistics show that hypnosis does not work for everyone. In fact, it will be effective for 1 in 4 people. So results are very mixed like they are with a lot of other therapies. However for those willing to try it can take a few sessions for it to begin to work For some it can work after a single session.

Everyone is different and that includes their minds. It will not work for everybody, but if you believe it will work, perhaps it will allow your mind to open up to the suggestions more then the sceptical.

Some web sites make false claims and state that hypnosis is an approved therapy, it’s not. Hypnosis is not an approved therapy by the American Medical Association (AMA).

The organization has not made any official statements on the use of hypnosis. A statement regarding the use of the technique for medical and psychological purposes was rescinded by the AMA in 1987.

Researchers who have spent the time and effort to studied hypnosis say more time and resource is needed to continue to study and gather data. This will help to determine if hypnosis really helps smokers to quit for good.

Hypnosis remains a hopeful approach and has many other benefits. The best approach to quit may be to combine several techniques. Most patients can require several different strategies along the way.

Kerry Gaynor method

At home hypnosis DVDs

If you are interested in at home hypnosis. Take a look at the Kerry Gaynor method from Amazon (click here to check the current price).

The Kerry Gaynor Method is comprised of three 1-hour video sessions, which you individually watch 5 to 7 days apart.

The first 40 minutes of each video places you in the same therapy session that Kerry shares with all his patients in person. This is followed by the behaviour modification portion, where Kerry directly puts you in a natural state of relaxation and changes the way you think about smoking forever.

Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you would like to read more about other more conventional methods that help to quit smoking take a look at the information here.

What do you think about hypnosis, are you considering trying hypnosis for quitting smoking?

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