How To Quit Smoking For Good

Quitting techniques

The most common advice on how to quit smoking for good is to try and quit cold turkey. Without any nicotine aids, these are usually things like patches and nicotine lozenges etc. Stop the cigarettes and let the nicotine leave your body.

However, having been through this cycle several times. I can tell you it’s not as simple as this, each individual is different. Their withdrawal symptoms can range from intense to low. So it all depends on you as an individual.

The best way to quit is the way you are going to commit to and follow through with the determination to finally do it!

How to quit smoking for good tips

Quit Smoking For Good
  • Do not carry cigarettes on your person, if you don’t have them with you, you can’t smoke them. Stop buying cigarettes, don’t keep them in your house. Clear away all your ashtrays and cigarette packets on quit day.
  • Take quitting one day at a time, focus on each day as it comes. Forget about next month or next year. Develop a positive attitude towards quitting, you are doing something great for your health, and not depriving yourself of anything.
  • Keep a list of reasons why you need to quit with you. Keep it in the same place you used to keep your cigarettes, that way when you find yourself reaching for them you will find your list instead. Take it out and read it. Save the money that you would usually spend on cigarettes somewhere where you can see it, buy yourself something as a reward for quitting, consider a monthly reward or even a holiday.

Healthy tips

  • Avoid weight gain, by sticking to low-calorie snacks, ideally plenty of fruit and vegetables. Weight gain is generally done by eating excess calories. You don’t have to count calories if you don’t want to, but be mindful of what you are eating. Snacking type foods are packed with calories and all of those add up. You only need to overdo it by a little each day and it all adds up.
  • Form an exercise routine, this can include the gym. If that is the sort of thing you will stick to, if not, consider cycling, jogging or even walking. Invest in a set of dumbbells this will help keep the weight off and keep you healthy.
  • A good exercise routine should include both strength training and cardio training. It will be hard, to begin with, especially if you are not used to it. But power through it and soon you will be on your way to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, water and juice for the first few days, to help flush the nicotine out of your system.

Socialising tips

  • If you are going out for the evening, consider going to non-smoking places like the cinema or the non-smoking section of restaurants.
  • Tell your social circle that you have quit smoking, that way they know you won’t be going outside with them for a quick smoke, they will eventually stop offering told enough times!
  • Be aware of your social surroundings which may trigger the response of wanting a cigarette. For example, drinking at a bar with friends.
  • It’s important to continue living your usual routine, but if you feel this is going to be too tough for you. Leave the activity and come back to it once you have gotten the nicotine out of your system.
  • It is only temporary and you can go back to doing those social things you enjoy once you are an ex-smoker.

Quit cold turkey

Quitting cold turkey is the phase given when you stop smoking without any aid of anything else, (more on this later). It is the most common method that is advised. You decide you are going to stop, and go through some nicotine withdrawal.

You do go through some cravings but eventually after a number of days sometimes longer. It depends on how long you have been smoking and how frequently. But eventually, once the nicotine is fully out of the system, the craving is more down to psychological rather than physical needs.

Set a date

Set a date, write it down and commit to it, if you spend some time to read and plan your quit you are much more likely to focus on it and follow through.

If possible find somebody who also wants to quit smoking or somebody who has already quit. So you have some support when you need it.

Items you may want to consider that can really help

Some people struggle with the withdrawal to the point where they feel physically sick. They get headaches and they can’t fight it off long enough, without going back to cigarettes. If you have tried the cold turkey method you will know what I am talking about.

There are a number of aids that companies have developed to get those cigarettes out of your hands. Once you have taken that step, you simply need to take the directions of the aid you are using and reduce its usage. This method treats your addiction in stages and does it in a slower manner.


You stick on your arm, they release a slow amount of nicotine without the smoke or the 7000 other chemicals. Including carbon monoxide and tar. The good thing about patches is they are discrete and they do work!

Some patches hit you with the nicotine all in one hit. These are no good for you, and I suggest you stay away from those. The best brand NicoDerm, release them in a slow and steady manner.


If you wake up and you are reaching for the cigarettes before you do anything else, consider getting the Nicorette Lozenges, they release a small amount of nicotine as they dissolve in your mouth, and they do enough to get rid of that craving feeling you get.


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