Does Smoking Cause Bad Skin And Ageing

Are you wondering does smoking cause bad skin, wrinkles and accelerates the ageing effect?

Unfortunately, it’s not a myth, smoking does have a has a negative effect on the skin, it damages it and can lead to accelerated growth and wrinkles. This makes you look older then you are compared to nonsmokers of the same age.

Smoking reduced the amount of oxygen that reaches the skin and in doing so reduces the amount of nutrients that are carried to it. For more information on the other main effects of smoking read this post why smoking is bad for you.

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Smoking has some impact on every single internal organ from minor to major damage over the long term, smoking also has a negative effect on skin health and appearance.

does smoking cause bad skin

Smokers should consider how it could affect age and skin appearance. The longer you smoke the more apparent the ageing effect becomes.

The long term effects are very negative, the effects of smoking are serious. Especially for those who smoke for many years.

Long term smoking can age the skin considerably. You are likely to look older than friends who are of a similar age who do not smoke. The effects do not stop there smoking long term continues to affect you and can cause skin problems.

When you read about the damage smoking can cause it is often detailed in areas such as lung cancer, respiratory issues and nicotine addiction. However, smoking also causes skin ageing and other skin related issues are often missed or just skimmed over.

Smoking over the long term is likely to lead to the following:

Wrinkly skin

Smoking affects the appearance of your skin. Potentially doing more damage than you think. The evidence smoking leaves on the face is enormous.

Wrinkles appear because smoking results in less blood flow and a reduction in oxygen that reach the skin. The longer this goes on the more smoking starves the skin of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to remain healthy.

After many years of regular smoking, the skin will start to show signs of premature aging.

Sagging skin

Blood vessels under the skin start to become narrower, the skin looks pale and saggy. The chemicals in cigarettes cause toxins to build up which causes dry skin.

These toxins also cut down the production of collagen which provides skin with structure and strength, causing sagging skin and deeper wrinkles.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, a very important protein that makes your skin look younger.

A decrease in collagen leads to wrinkles forming and this then causes the skin to lose its elasticity.

does smoking age skin

What is smoker face effect?

Smokers who have smoked for many years, up to ten years or longer, may develop what is known as smoker’s face.

It is accelerated ageing, the skin of a 40-year-old smoker can lead to it looking like that of non-smoker that is 70 years old.

This condition is usually described as skin that looks red, grey or yellowish.

Reduced levels of Vitamin A & C

Smoking reduced the level of nutrients and oxygen that reaches the skin. Two of the vitamins that the skin relies on to stay looking and feeling healthy are Vitamin A is essential for skin repair.

The skin also needs Vitamin C, a vital antioxidant. Smoking can dehydrate your body too, depriving your skin of needed moisture.

Does smoking cause bad skin and what can I do?

When you think about the negative or adverse effects of smoking on the skin, it is advisable to consider before you decide to smoke that cigarette how your skin will look in 10 or 20 years.

Although the effect on appearance alone is not life-threatening, it is obvious that smoking will change your skin appearance in a negative way.

A good diet is essential, a good balance of Vitamins and minerals can help rejuvenate and restore your skin from the negative effects of smoking.

Antioxidants are equally important and can be found in foods with Vitamin A – specifically carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach and Vitamin C – tomatoes, mango, oranges and broccoli.

Facial massage

facial massage

A facial massage can help your skin in a number of ways, which will help reduce and slow down the effects of smoker’s face.

Massage has many relaxing benefits but it can also help increase the blood flow and circulation around the wrinkled areas.

This will help Oxygen travel to the areas that need it the most to and around the layers of the skin, bringing the nutrients with it.

Wrinkles that have been caused by smoking become less apparent over time. Massage also has the added benefits of helping to release endorphins making you feel all happy and relaxed.

Even though it is not likely to be able to fully reverse the effects of smoking, it is important that you take some positive action to help prevent further damage.

The most important thing is that you take good care of your skin and quit smoking. Continuing to smoke will only damage the skin more and will lead to further and deeper wrinkles.

Some of the damage may become permanent and lasting damage and you would then have to live with the effects of smoker’s face.

Skin care

best anti ageing cream

Using a topical dermatology treatment Skin & Lab (click here to check the price) can help with anti-ageing increase collagen production, and restore the elasticity of the skin.

This is considered one of the best anti ageing creams to best minimize the ageing effects of smoking on the skin.

The best thing you can do to reduce the damaging effects of smoking on your skin is to quit smoking altogether.

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