Benefits Of Nicotine Gum

The main benefits of nicotine gum are you get the nicotine without the tar and other harmful chemicals found in cigarettes.

Nicotine gum is a form of nicotine replacement therapy. These products provide you with small amounts of nicotine, some instant and some slower release. Nicotine gum is relatively inexpensive and is sold on Amazon (click here to check the price).

It’s a proven way to help you quit smoking, by directly getting cigarettes out of your hands. You get low levels of nicotine through the gum after stopping smoking. This helps prevent nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

This reduces the cravings, anxiety and withdrawal symptoms. It allows you to focus on quitting smoking and often makes the process a lot easier.

Nicotine replacement therapy is a popular way to help you quit smoking, and benefits of nicotine gum are both commonly used and widely available as quit smoking products.

Who should use nicotine gum

nicotine gum

If you have a nicotine addiction and are trying to quit smoking nicotine gum is one option that can help you.

While all nicotine replacement therapy products offer a solution and are effective, you may prefer to try gum if cravings are sudden, and you want immediate relief from your symptoms.

Chewing gum can help by offering a distraction from smoking. It can also satisfy the need to put something in your mouth.

Nicotine gum allows you to be in complete control of the nicotine doses, how much and how often. The gum can be used as needed as you need or as part of a fixed timetable.

The most recent research has shown that the planned dosage works better. A schedule of 1 to 2 pieces per hour is common.

You should use it as you like to help with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms as and when you need it within the schedule and dosage limits.

Before starting nicotine gum therapy, you should speak to your doctor. Just to double check that it’s ok and suitable for you.

This is just to be sure that it won’t affect any medications you are taking so there aren’t any complications. It’s important that if your pregnant or breastfeeding to double check before taking nicotine gum.

Side effects

Some people may notice side effects when using nicotine gum.

Side effects may include:

  • Nausea
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness

These symptoms are usually mild. However, if they feel any of them you should consider stop using the gum and get some further advice on what other treatments may be suitable for you.

Stick to the usage guidelines, if you take more than the recommended dose, you could be at risk of nicotine overdose.

nicotine gum

Keep nicotine gum out of reach of children.

These products appear similar to regular chewing gum, it can be easy for children to make the mistake of consuming them.

If children do use nicotine gum, they are at risk of nicotine poisoning, so it’s very important to prevent this from occurring.

Some warnings

  • Nicotine gum should not be used while you are still smoking. This can lead to nicotine poisoning.
  • Nicotine gum should be treated as a medicine and should be kept away from children.
  • Even a piece of used gum can be toxic to children or pets.
  • Gum is tempting to children so when you are done with a piece of gum, dispose of it sensibly.

Reducing the dosages

Although a far safer option than cigarettes, it’s important to remember nicotine is an addictive chemical. It is possible to become heavily reliant on nicotine gum.

You should aim to reduce its usage on a slowly and reduce your reliance.

Tips to promote successful reducing usage

  • If you started out on 4mg nicotine gum, aim to reduce this to 2mg, within a matter of weeks.
  • Gradually reduce the amount of time that you spend chewing the gum, the more you chew, the more nicotine is released.
  • Consider replacing nicotine gum with regular chewing gum every now and then.

Can you overdose on nicotine using gum?

Nicotine overdose is unusual but it can happen, there are a few points to take note of. Nicotine replacement therapy products are labelled to guide you to get the amount of nicotine you would usually get from smoking cigarettes.

If used this way, you should get a nicotine dose close to what you’ve been getting by smoking.
Stick to this and you will see the benefits of nicotine gum. You don’t want to get more than that, because higher doses of nicotine can cause nicotine overdose.

To avoid this, read the instructions carefully. Nicotine is absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes, so you must store and dispose of it in a safe manner. Nicotine overdose could cause death.

Overdose is more of a problem in children and pets because of their smaller size. It is very important to keep used gum out of reach of children and pets.

It must be disposed of appropriately, it is considered a medicine. so no dropping it on the street or anywhere where kids can reach them.

Where should I get nicotine gum from?

Nicotine gum

Nicotine gum can be bought over the counter, without a prescription. you can get it from Amazon (click here to check the price).

If you are put off by gum, you can also try lozenges (click here to check the price) which dissolve slowly in your mouth.

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