Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking Review

I have read a number of good books on the subject of quitting smoking. The one that stands out that I can personally say you should read is Allen Carr’s book which goes into detail on how to view smoking and quit for good.

It reviews really well and with good reason, many claim to have read it and managed to quit.

Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking

I got the Allen Carr book on Amazon (click to check current price).

The books suggest that instead of doing what every smoker does as seeing a cigarette as a reward, start to look at it as the opposite, something that offers no benefit at all.

He urges you to quit cold turkey, but only after you have finished the book!

He goes through all of the reasons that smokers have for smoking and gives reasons for why its not the case.

He says that the gradual approach will not work, and that all that does is drags out the process.

But be warned you have to want to quit as I have detailed throughout this website, you cant expect to pick it up and read it and quit without any effort on your part!

(Click to check the current price).

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