About Me

My name is David and I have written the Quit Smoking articles you will find on quitsmokingworld.com. The purpose of my site is to help you quit smoking.

I wanted to stress that smoking is NOT a disease, or a weakness, or something you are powerless to do anything about. It’s, a bad habit that has been developed over years. And, just like other bad habits, it can be broken  and replaced with good habits that will lead to a healthier and happier life.

Secondly, TAKING ACTION is the most important thing you can do right now. The fact you are here you have begun to DO something about your problem will help you move in the direction of your goal. . That is, As soon as you do something different in your life, you will GET different results. Taking action is the best thing you can do!

Of course, you may be wondering why you should listen to me, instead of your doctor, a family friend, or anyone else in your life. My answer is that you should open yourself to ALL possible solutions to your problem – because you never know when one idea might be the one to help you overcome your addiction. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I am someone who has experienced years of smoking. The articles here simply detail the steps I’ve taken to try to do something about my problem, or ideas I have that might be of use to you.

Do You Need to Stop Smoking?

But, what about you? Why are you here? You may have one part of your mind telling you that you are a moderate smoker, and have no need to quit smoking – and yet another part of you recognises that you DO have a smoking problem. A very serious smoking problem. Perhaps now is the time to take a look at your lifestyle, and actually DO something about it?

Perhaps today is the day you decide to quit? Maybe you have had enough of wasted money, wasted time, petty arguments.. Or, maybe something deeper finally rose to the surface … such as a general sense of just being “sick and tired” of the smoking lifestyle. I need to stop smoking, you may have screamed in your head a thousand times.

Whatever the reason, you should feel good that you are actually taking a step to DO something about your situation instead of just WISHING things were different as so many others are prone to do. Change will come to those who seek it.

Here’s the good news: IF you sincerely want to quit smoking, and IF you truly do want to change, then these quit smoking articles are a great first step to doing so. You might not agree with every word you read, but I can promise you that IF you keep looking for a solution to your problem you will soon find it.